My next short term goals are to

  1. Do yoga/pilates once a week
  2. Get 4 miles under 55 minutes
  3. 45 second planks OW
  4. 75 lunges in a day
  5. 100 knee sit ups
  6. 20 push ups
  7. make 2 vegetarian dinners a week
  8. go a whole month without fast food (going to be b/c family is coming in)
  9. get garden planted
  10. finish hall bathroom
  11. try a class at the gym
  12. get rid of couch that I am allergic to
  13. Make cupcakes in a jar
  14. Put the boys in one room (see how it works)

Long term Goals

  1. Run 3 miles straight
  2. Run a 5k
  3. Run a half marathon
  4. Bike 20 miles
  5. Do one minute planks
  6. Do one minute side planks
  7. Improve core strength
  8. Grow broccoli
  9. Live completely off of garden produce for a month
  10. Learn a new beethoven song on the piano
  11. Finish upstairs bathroom
  12. Finish downstairs bathroom
  13. Paint hall bathroom
  14. Make a mother-in-law suite downstairs
  15. Make the best cake ever
  16. Make couscous
  17. Go to Italy
  18. Go to Greece
  19. Have a garage sale
  20. Become more involved with my church
  21. Work in a food pantry or kitchen for homeless
  22. Run my own sandwich shoppe



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