Hi I’m Marie!

I figure the best way to explain me is to tell you what I love!

I love God (Jesus Christ)!

I love my husband, Philip, even with all his crazy quirks. I love my two boys, Enzo, 3, and Cooper, 1.  All three are car obsessed and like to back engineer everything so you will be seeing plenty of their stunts and destruction!love this picture!

I love my family, all 89,000 of them. Here is a few but there is more so much more!

my mom and grandma (grammy)

my husband’s big Italian familyMy mom, step-dad, and bro, RossThe boys, my husband, my dad, and great-grandma (mamaw)

I love my friends. Although they live all over the world and I don’t get to see them often.

I love music! All kinds, and am always open to hear some new if you feel like sharing. I have no degree or special education or any real expertise, I just love music!

I love food! I love all kinds of food. I love cooking it, baking it, growing it, and sharing it. I use to be a cook before my babies and I would say I’m a fairly good cook, nothing spectacular just a little above average. I have lots of tricks though and will love sharing them with you. Even with all my knowledge of cooking and food, I still didn’t eat healthy for a long time.  I knew what foods were good for me, I just chose the bad foods more often than not. But I am working my way to a healthier lifestyle and as each month flies by I find more and more that I can make a healthy meal just as delicious as a not so healthy meal.  Try and bear with me, as I figure out new and healthy ways to live my life.

I love running/walking! I use to love walking as a kid, but as most things go I got too busy and didn’t make the time for it anymore.  Well not anymore, I need this time, I’ve taken it back. And my life is so much happier for it.

I love gardening! A relatively new love for me since I started this about 3 years ago. I’m still trying to figure out what I am doing with this which makes it even more enjoyable, I think.

I love traveling and meeting new people! We do a lot of traveling for my husband’s work and to see family! But I love it! I love packing, unpacking, seeing new places, driving in the car, flying, hotels, vanagons, weird new foods! Love it all!

So that’s about all my loves and most of what will be talked about on here. Although there will some things I don’t love talked about. I try not to dwell on those.

NOTICE: Writing is not on here! I have never been, or will be a good writer! I simply made this blog for a fun way to record my family’s life, and to meet new people.  So please expect to find many grammar problems! Sorry!

Wanna know more? Yes there is more, I’m a complex and crazy person, just like the rest of you ;). Check out my first blog!


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