6 years and counting

Yesterday was my husband and I’s anniversary. Is that good english or what? Just a few things that I want to say about our marriage today.

I still love him more and more everyday!

I love all of the things we do together but here are a few of my favorites: build things together, cook together, plan together, discipline the children together, go to dinner together, go for walks (occasionally) together, play with the boys together, travel together, and watch movies together (my favorite I love snuggling on the couch).

Things I love about Philip: the way he talks all engineery (so confusing but so cute), the way he fixes anything, how he analyzes for about two seconds and then jumps in, the way he plays with the boys, how he takes time out for the boys and me even when we are in a hurry, his laugh, his weird jokes, ok that’s few don’t want to bore you all.

He irritates me, frustrates me, fights with me, loves me, shows me affection, appreciates me just as I am, shows me how much he cares, and spends as much time as he can with me and the boys.

God has blessed me with a wonderful, God loving husband and father and I thank God and Philip for it everyday.

What things to do you love/find irritating about your husband/wife?


About reesimplelife

Hi, I'm a stay-at-home mom trying to find a healthier lifestyle that works for my family and me. It's not easy with two energetic toddlers, a hyper dog, a house that needs a lot of work, 12 cars (that's right I said 12) that all need work, a large home garden, lots of work/family travel and an Italian husband who likes to help everyone but himself, but we make it work. We need to make it work!
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