Who is excited about the new tangled movie coming out? me me me!!! I love disney movies especially girly, old children story ones.

Anyways another at home workout day for me, Cooper is still a little sick and Enzo seems to need some extra discipline for whatever reason. I just have to keep remembering that this is life, not a race. I will get there when I get there, I can’t just keep running and running and running and never enjoying the scenery, or I would end up stumbling a lot more often.


About reesimplelife

Hi, I'm a stay-at-home mom trying to find a healthier lifestyle that works for my family and me. It's not easy with two energetic toddlers, a hyper dog, a house that needs a lot of work, 12 cars (that's right I said 12) that all need work, a large home garden, lots of work/family travel and an Italian husband who likes to help everyone but himself, but we make it work. We need to make it work!
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