Who is Ree?

Hi, I’m Marie, Ree for short. Hence Ree’s simple life. I’m sorry about the long, overwhelming, kinda too much post. But I feel that I need to tell you all about me  so you will know who I am.  I promise most of my posts will not be like this though.

Where to begin? Well if you have read my about, you know what I love and what I’ll mostly be talking about on here. But let’s go a little deeper shall we? Get to the real Ree.

The beginning

I was born on May 31st 1983 in Honolulu, Hawaii. ( I know bear with me) My father was military you see. We moved to California before I could even remember Hawaii. Luckily, we moved back when I was 5 and lived there for 4 years. Where my little brother Ross was born. I loved it there. Can I please move back? Oh yeah that’s right I live in Georgia and it costs an enormous amount to live there. Oh well, Georgia is nice too….kinda.

Moving on, then we lived in Virginia for a short bit. Where my asthma got much much worse! I was hospitalized and spent most of our short time there in the hospital. My Dad got out of the military and we decided to move to Ohio. Why did they choose Ohio of all places? My Dad grew up there, my grandma lived there, it seemed like a good choice to them. Let me tell you I was not too happy though, I had lived in California and Hawaii most of my life and they wanted to move to Ohio. But I trucked along like a good little girl, kicking and screaming of course.


I lived here for about 11 years. 11-22. Do I miss it? NO! I hate the cold with a passion people a passion! Plus there was a lot that happened here that is pretty sad…..when I was 12 my parents decided to get divorced. Hard times, I know a lot of you know this, heck half of you have gone through it. But it’s hard when your parents split ways. Mine had been fighting for a long time. My mom was overweight(over 300lbs), an alcoholic and had/has chronic depression, my Dad was an alcoholic and depressed, my brother had severe ADHD, I had asthma, you know the story. It’s too much pressure, it’s overwhelming, I can’t fix it, no one is to blame but you have to blame someone kind of thing. So we moved on went our separate ways. My mom got custody and my dad tried to be a part of our lives.

I was never a social kinda person, I was the kid you never noticed walking through the hallways. And I liked it that way. I started working at McDonald’s when I was 15 and worked there for 7 years.  I played the piano but other than that no extra curricular activities, my time was taking up with working to help support the family, and watching my little brother, Ross.

My mom got remarried when I was 16 to Cal, my step-dad. He had two kids Adam, and Katy, both younger than me. He also worked at the University of Dayton, which got me into college for mostly free. I still had to work but it was mostly paid for.

What I didn’t know, is that I wasn’t ready for college. Some people are, some people aren’t. I was one of the later. I went two years because I was told I had to or I would go no where, be nothing. Meanwhile, I had no friends, suffered from depression, anxiety attacks, severe weight loss, and what I like to call the holed up syndrome (can’t leave your room), all while trying to force myself to go to class because I would be nothing if I failed.  My family was suffering as well. My mom was hospitalized three times my first year in college for depression, my brother started doing drugs, stealing, and other such things. It was all too much! I failed out my second year. I didn’t tell anyone I was failing because I was mortified. Then  the paper came in my parents’ mail and I had to tell them. I was humiliated, horrified, disgusted by myself. Here I had been handed school on a silver plater and I threw it all away just because I couldn’t handle it.

This is when I found Jesus. Really found Jesus. I believe He pushes you until He can’t push you anymore and then you fall on your face knees.  I learned that I have a limit and I was exceeding mine excessively and that I needed to learn how to stop worrying and trust God.

I moved back home, where my whole family was angry at me, they didn’t understand. Understandably so since I didn’t tell them anything.  I knew that God understood and forgave me and that was enough for me.  I started up at a community college for culinary arts. I loved it there. I excelled until I didn’t anymore. I met a guy online. I was Stupid! He seemed nice, he wasn’t. He seemed sweet, he wasn’t. I went to meet him, fell in love with him, thought he was the one. When I came home he told me over the internet that he died, I later found out he hadn’t. Stupid! I cried a lot, and felt incredibly stupid. I still feel incredibly stupid about it, it seems like such a little blib on my map of life now. For some reason back then this was totally overwhelming. Anyways I looked to Jesus again. Sometimes we fall off the wagon more than once but God will always help us back in.

The love story and ending to our tale

Then one night while browsing the internet. I met Philip. He seemed nice, I was skeptical. We met at the McDonald’s where I worked. He fell in love with me. I didn’t want a relationship. He was sweet and kind and funny. And just kept loving me for me. Loving me like no person ever had before. I liked him a lot but I didn’t want this, not now, maybe not ever. But God had other plans for me. I knew I loved him two months after we were dating. We got married in 2005. Where I not only got a husband but a whole bunch more family! I don’t have enough words to over all that right now though.

Moved to Alabama in 2006 for a short stint. I got pregnant with Enzo in  2007. We moved to Atlanta, Georgia where we stayed with Philip’s parents until we bought our beautiful house here in Cumming. Had Enzo on August, 5 2007. Then we had Cooper on September 16, 2009. Both boys had GERD as babies. Enzo was much worse though and he still gets heartburn occasionally. Little Cooper was recently diagnosed with asthma. Both are terrors but as sweet as they can be all at the same time. Both are obsessed with cars just like their Daddy. So most days my ears are ringing with little boy car engines.

My family is doing good. My brother just got back from Afghanistan today! THANK YOU GOD! My mother and step-dad are currently seperated which is hard and complicated but we are all trying to deal with it.  My grandmother just went into remission for her lung cancer. My Dad and Mom are dealing with their depression and alcoholism as best they can. My step-brother Adam just graduated from college and has a great job. My step-sister Katy is at UD doing wonderfully. Isn’t it weird how some things work for one person but not another?

As for me I cook all the time, forever increasing my knowledge of the culinary world that I grew to love. Will I go back to school? Maybe one day, for now I am happy just raising my sweet boys.

And my life is amazing. Sometimes I forget but in a few hours I remember again just how great it is. Do you know why it is amazing? Yes, I have all these wonderful things. But it’s taken me a long time to realize this but my life is wonderful because Jesus is with me. That’s all I need, all these extra things are just bonuses. They will all fade away but Jesus will always be here.


About reesimplelife

Hi, I'm a stay-at-home mom trying to find a healthier lifestyle that works for my family and me. It's not easy with two energetic toddlers, a hyper dog, a house that needs a lot of work, 12 cars (that's right I said 12) that all need work, a large home garden, lots of work/family travel and an Italian husband who likes to help everyone but himself, but we make it work. We need to make it work!
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