>Baked French Fries

>Lately I’ve been trying to healthify my old favorite foods and french fries is on the top of that list. So when I made this recipe, I felt like it was an answer from God himself.  They tasted so much better than french fries, we won’t be making this every week, (I like lots of variety) but at least once a month.

First you start with your potato peeled.
Then you cut it in three, long ways.
Then you each third, 8 times. I like to stack all three and cut them at the same time.
Repeat with 2-3 lbs of potatoes, I did 1 potato per person.
Put your fries in a bowl of water with 1tbsp of salt(optional) 
Put a lid on top, so they don’t rise to the top.
Then, put them in the fridge for 3-10 hours. I did mine in the morning and then baked at night.
Next, pat all your fries dry with two layers of paper towels.
Put all your fries back in a bowl with 3-4 tsps of oil, I used my special garlic oil, salt, pepper, and oregano. 
Line all your fries out on a baking sheet, I had to use two sheets. 
Bake at 425 for 30-45 min, flip and bake for another 15 minutes
And you get delicious french fries. 
Enjoy your day everyone! 
Today’s Bible verse is: Matthew 6-7, lots of information there Are you learning to live your life the way Jesus wants you to? 

About reesimplelife

Hi, I'm a stay-at-home mom trying to find a healthier lifestyle that works for my family and me. It's not easy with two energetic toddlers, a hyper dog, a house that needs a lot of work, 12 cars (that's right I said 12) that all need work, a large home garden, lots of work/family travel and an Italian husband who likes to help everyone but himself, but we make it work. We need to make it work!
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